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to the Hindi readers. is a newly developed informational website which cover each and every aspects of technology in hindi , in order to make knowledge for relatable to people and reach to every viewer

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Short Introduction

we are Aasantech team, a newly developed blog website to help you with latest technical trending, Here we say we are, closely subjected to what we do if we say we are geeky that mean we are obsessed with the newest, coolest, trendiest things that technology has to offer , and if we say that we are nerds studious intellectual, although it has a good reason

In the age of hashtags, likes, tweets, shares and snaps, online privacy can seem almost non-existent.

Your personal and financial information is highly desirable for cybercriminals. Hence in this age its really important to bring awareness about cybersecurity and how to strengthen it, so by means of it we would link it make people more aware of it by means of our articles.

And that’s the main motive of the website, we like to share whatever knowledge we all possess and to inculcate improvement which you would prefer suggesting us.  Well, we can say that these are the main objectives of building this website. We tell you being geek it what we are passionate about and whatever it takes we shall assure you the best user and reading experience,

In short, we have built this platform for the exchange of knowledge and skill 

Here you will find articles, how-to, tutorials, recommendations, reviews etc. the other aspects which we shall cover are all stuff related to security and privacy