Chromebook vs Laptop: which one is better
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Chromebook has emerged from its category after the launch of the first Chromebook with Chrome OS in 2010 it has a pretty good positive hold in the market and it’s no longer just for kids and students. OEMs are now making Chromebooks with powerful internals that would easily rival against the best laptops based on Windows and macOS.

We will be covering all the crucial topics like performance, battery life, user interface, etc in detail to find out how far the competition goes and which one is the better performer.

let’s find out who wins the battle of Chromebook vs laptop in 2020

Since Chrome OS is new for most of the consumers so we shall be going with more features oriented details and we are using Windows as our main comparison tool, but most of these points remain valid even for other desktop operating systems 

The Operating System

If we go with basics the  Chrome OS runs — a lightweight, Linux-based operating system developed by Google. Well, it is the main difference between Chromebooks and other laptops, as we mentioned earlier  Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system and it’s very modular if we compare them regarding size the operating system covers, then CHROME OS has the upper hand there because if we go to install. it only takes up 4GB of space and the installation image is just 1GB.

In contrast, Windows and macOS take up more than 15GB of disk space and the installation images are way above 4GB. But there is a slight compromise to make for Chromebook regarding heavy workload such as 3D Modeling or If you want to play graphics-heavy games so basically it cannot handle it, well come back to it later. 


Hardware Need

Being light doesn’t help in every field ChromeOS ‘s small footprint on hardware resources and that reflects in its performance.Compare to Windows and macOS which are known to feed hardware,Link for a sort of comparison  You can actually run Chrome OS on any low-powered chipset without worrying about the performance, you can comfortably use Chrome OS on Celeron or Pentium processors

Btw they are not “good chipset” for today’s standard. Still, you can expect a fairly good performance and it can run on INTEL as well as ARM processors out-of-box so we can conclude that Chromebooks are less resource-intensive and are also future-proof. 

However, on laptops, you will need a capable chipset to get started, for example, you will need at least like minimum INTEL i3 to get a decent performance out of the laptop but on the positive side, you get more power to work with.

Putting to straight 

  • for general tasks like browsing the web and watching videos or making presentations, you don’t need a powerful processor, hence a Chromebook would be sufficient.


Now comes the fascinating part will go straight to the point  Chromebooks perform far better than traditional laptops but Chromebooks have limited features for professionals, yet a great machine for general users. When it comes to tasks like web browsing, photo editing, playing music, writing documents, drawing — which most of us do, right? 

We can say that Windows laptops are although slow, but complete machines and can be used by both professionals and general consumers. you will also have more horsepower by your side for resource-heavy applications

User Interface and User Experience

Chrome OS seems inspired by the smartphone interface and features like a centred taskbar, an app launcher similar to what we have on smartphones, a quick setting panel and more. You have tablet mode, support for touchpad gestures, and a number of keyboard shortcuts to make UI navigation more accessible for you. Due to the mobile-driven UI, the operating system feels very responsive to use.

App Support

Twitter, Pixlr, Spotify, Zoom, etc. — all offer web apps and they work absolutely great, often better than native apps found on Windows laptops.  Well most of the Chromebooks are available with google play store service with enables you with more application library 


Well coming to gaming, see this isn’t a machine that will Run AAA title games because it is not meant to do that still you can for Sure, there are Chromebooks with Android app support, so mobile gaming is an option. There are also browser games. 

Voice Assistant

Well going ahead with the assistant, as we mentioned earlier chromeOS is highly developed for being lightweight, easy to use and especially with google assistant Many companies tried their hands on voice assistants, but Google Assistant still remains the champion. And the best part is that Chromebooks now ship with Google Assistant support having a dedicated Assistant button on the keyboard. With Google Assistant on Chromebooks, you can do more of what you do on your android google assistance and even in addition to it. everything will be synced to your Android smartphone.


Now comes the crucial part of the comparison. We all know security and privacy are important. And Chromebook has an upper hand here as well, all thanks to frequent security updates provided by Google. Chromebooks are considered one of the most secure devices and it’s because of its update system. Which happened in such a way that Its users won’t even realize that their machine got updated. the features included are as following

  • Automatic updates
  • Sandboxing
  • Verified Boot
  • Data Encryption
  • Recovery Mode 

So if you want a secure and no-frills machine, especially for general users we would recommend it definitely.

Battery Life

As we mentioned early chromeOS is powered by lightweight Os hence there is no load on the battery and no strain put on the crucial resources which give it great battery life.  If we rate Chromebook and Windows laptop side by side in battery life performance  Chromebook is way ahead from windows as well as MacBook.  And as far as number goes one can expect 10 hours of continuous usage on a single charge whereas the windows laptop or Macbook out in just 4 to 6 hours. We can assume one thing for sure. If battery life is essential to you then pick a Chromebook over a laptop blindfolded.


Chromebook is targeted at general users, students, and developers. If you are one of them, you can definitely pick a Chromebook without any hesitation. if most of your work is done on a web browser then Chromebook is the best piece of hardware that you can ask for. It is way ahead from windows and macOS in battery life and online performance, You can use it for writing, watching movies and videos, creating presentations.

Basically you can do all general tasks without any problem. With the addition of Linux, students can do programming and a lot more. And in case, you are an Android developer, there is native support for ADB (Android Debugging Bridge) as well.

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